Friday Jan 19


Our specialty is eco-friendly advertising campaigns.  We utilize electronic media, print media including use of soy ink, recycled or recyclable paper, and outdoor with 100% recyclable vinyl billboards.  In fact, one of our outdoor media partners tell us that some of their billboards have even been reused as building material for roofs and irrigation in Mexico.

Another  vinyl manufacturer provides a box-crusher type machine that a billboard company uses to bind up the used vinyls.  The manufacturer picks up the bundles once a month, then the company makes them into railroad ties, instead of wood ties which last  about 12 years. They are now using a composite made mostly of recycled materials for the ties (similar to the decking material that people are making decks and fences out of ).  The composite ties last 22 years!

As far as direct mail, we are now offering a mailer made from from recycled plastic of lemon-lime soda bottles.  The post cards with their unique look and feel capture consumers' attention in their already crowded mailboxes and do not fill up the landfills!

Our radio partners use paperless promotion systems with online forms and several have participated in the City of Dallas Grease Abatement program and similar programs around the country.  Our media partners take pride in supporting community events with an ecological focus.  They also take part in programs that increase awareness of how the public can further protect our environment.

Eco Advertising can handle all of your advertising needs including finding your talent and locations for the print or video ads that we create for you.

Click here to listen to Aparicio’s radio ad.